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In your free consultation, we will review your credit and create your plan of action.

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We will dispute all potential errors in your credit reports on your behalf.

Credit Building

We’ll show you how to build great credit with our credit counseling and education.

Get the Good Credit that You Deserve

Good people deserve good credit! That’s our philosophy and driving motivation. But not everyone is born wealthy, and bad things happen to good people.

Those bad things can devastate your credit and ruin your ability to finance your home or vehicle. It can even keep you from getting a better job! 

We provide professional credit repair and hands-on guidance, support, and education to rebuild your credit and help you achieve the life you work hard for.

We Help Remove Bad Credit Like:


Results as Soon as 30 Days!  

Within 30-45 days after we dispute all of the potential errors on your credit reports, you’ll receive your results!

For many people, that’s all it takes to achieve their credit goals. But if the credit bureaus fail to remove or correct your credit items, we’ll continue fighting for you. 

Most of our clients graduate in less than six months.


We know the signs lenders are looking for in your credit reports. We can help condition your credit to help you get approved.


We use our professional experience and time-tested strategies to get you the best possible dispute results.


It’s our drive and our passion to turn your credit around and to empower you to make the most of it.


In the end, results are what truly matters. We understand that and work hard to get you the results you need to reach your goals.


You’re never just a case number to us. We care about your story, your needs, and your life goals. Talk to real, live credit expert now! 

Helping People & Families since 2012

We have built our business over the years by educating and empowering average people to understand their credit and use it to their advantage.

We don’t just use the best tools and strategies to fix your credit, we teach them to you! That way, you and your family get to enjoy the benefits for the rest of your lives.

That’s our goal, our mission, our passion — your lifetime success!

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Education and Tools


Vindaah Lovely Saintcilien

I went to Depina credit solutions with very poor credit and poor knowledge of the importance of credit. Immediately- I start seeing changes in my credit. They educate me on ways to improve my credit scores and maintain them..they thought me healthy ways to use my credit. They are the best. I recommend them to everyone. I am very happy with my results.

Admilson Santos

Arthur is my go to guy for any credit related matter! I can always count on him for great advice and tips on maintaining excellent credit! I have learned a great deal from him and appreciate his exceptional services. Arthur is a great teacher and I admire his passion and strong worth ethic!

Miriana Moura

Arthur is the best! He educated me on everything I needed to know in order to make better decisions later. He is a complete credit expert. I started seeing improvements to my credit in less than 3 months! I highly recommend his expertise. You cannot go wrong in entrusting this man with your credit!

Edwin Monteiro

I've started working with Depina Credit Solutions and from day one, they have been extremely helpful, knowledgeable and easy to work with. Reasonable prices with great results. I know once they have finished their work on my case, I'll be buying a mansion, a Lamborghini and everything else!! Check them out asap!!

Quëën Ünïquë

When I first approached Depina credit solutions I was completely lost about what do to and how to improve/ fix my credit score! Arthur guided me and explained everything I needed in order to get a great credit score!!! Strongly recommend him to everyone.

Maria Resende

Arthur is awesome, always so attentive and has great advice. Very honest individual that goes above and beyond for his customers. I wish I found you sooner! Thanks for all your hard work!

Maria Dos Santos

Excellent customer service and returns phone calls soon as possible and explains everything step by step. Love it!!!

Liseth Carey

Absolutely amazing. They are dedicated to their clients, always checking in and sending helpful resources and advice on fixing but most importantly MAINTAINING and BUILDING good credit!!!!!

Noelle Felkel

Extremely knowledgeable and great Customer Service!

Nicci Mcmillan-Jones

Attention to detail, knowledgeable and professionalism is what you get when you work with Arthur and Depina Credit Solutions!

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